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Y.V.N.R. Government Degree College, Kaikaluru is a public funded educational institution. This college, popularly known as GDC kaikaluru is located in the world famous wet land, Ramsar, Kolleru Lake. The College has a unique logo with the citation “Knowledge is Power”. The citation depicts the ancient adage the “knowledge is power”. The logo is flagged by rising sun, Kolleru Lake, Kolleru men, and Kolleru birds. The required knowledge to cope with the current trends in the competitive world is being inculcated to the students at various levels by the institute. The students are benefitted with the power to sustain in the community. The rising sun in the logo is the symbol of knowledge. Like the sun shining the institute provides the radiance of knowledge to the community. The other parts of the logo i.e., Kolleru birds and Kolleru fisher men are the representations of the community. All of them depict communal approach with enriched knowledge is imparted to the stake holders in the institute. The college was established in the year 1982.


Establishment of Institution

Sri Yerneni Raja Rama Chandar, YerneniNagendranath, YerneniSithaDevi( former Education Mnister, Govt. of AP) and Yerneni family members generously came forward and raised funds from the public for the establishment of this institution. The college development committee secretary Sri GurajadaNarasimha Rao coordinated the activities of the development committee and with-in no time with the support of the state government under the Telugu GrameenKranthiPadham, buildings were constructed. With the generous assistance of philanthropists and the elite of the village - Sri Kammili Vital Rao, Sri Rama Raju, Sri Naidu, Sri Undukurisatyanarayana Raj, CPDC members – Sri GadirajuBhaskara Varma, Sri PotluriVijayaBhaskar, Sri S. Satyanarayana Murthy, Sri KareSaratBabu, Sri B D Srinivas, Sri G. Chandra Mohan, Sri UdayaSankar along with government funds, additional class rooms were built.

Achievement of College

. In the 2017 2nd Cycle NAAC Accreditation, it is gratifying to see this college maintain a better position than the grade achieved in the previous first cycle by achieving a B+ grade with 2.61 CGPA in Government Degree Colleges. Achieving this grade involves the hard work of lecturers and students under the leadership of the then principal. That is why the proverb that people become sages if they work hard does not come with ease. Most importantly, due to the efforts of the college governing body CPDC, with the help of donors and financial assistance for the infrastructure, Rs.2 crores was obtained in RUSA 2.0 by getting a B grade in the 2nd cycle. Classrooms and labs are already under construction under RUSA Funds and the college computer lab is modernized with these funds. It is the result of the efforts of our CPDC. In addition, AISHE and NIRF Ranking are helping to enhance student and lecturer skills for this position. The state government will soon provide the necessary infrastructure for the college through the scheme NADU NEDU. The new courses will be starts from 2 this academic year 2020-2021. These new courses are mainly market oriented courses. With the efforts of our honourable M.L.A, these new courses will be started in B.Sc Data Science and B.Sc Aquaculture. These courses provide employment opportunities for students in this area. It is worthy to note that with affordable fees the Institute is imparting quality education to the students. The staff is dedicated who provide the quality education along, with ethics and morals. The institute adopts the integrated approach for the all round development of the individuals. It is envisaged that the students who are academically backward at their + 2 level, after completion of the UG course in this institution are moulded of their career beautifully ad are settled in various jobs in the government and private sectors. The institute deemed its privilege as it is a unique Institute which caters education to the economically unprivileged sections of the society. The success of the Institute lies in the community approach.

The institution, living up to the expectations of all, has been persistently delivering the goods. The well qualified teachers are determined to impart quality education to the students. In both curricular and co-curricular activities our students have been faring exceptionally well at various levels and upholding the prestige of the institution. The alumni of the college are either choosing higher studies or well placed in their employment. On its part, the department of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh is also extending its support to the students by taking initiative of providing employment by conducting job drives in thecollege through its wing named Jawahar Knowledge Center



The vision of the college is to carter to the educational needs of the poor and weaker sections of the society. The students have easy access to different courses with affordable fee structure. Having retained the conventional courses the college also has the restructured courses.


The mission of the college is to implement the academic activities as per the academic plan for the integrated development of the student.



➢ Sri.YerneniVenkataNageswaraRao Govt. Degree College, Kaikaluru is committed to provide quality education to the students enabling them to excel in the fields of Science, Commerce and Arts to cater to the changing and challenging needs of society and industry through the following initiatives :

➢Contributing to the academic standing and overall knowledge development of the students

➢ Maintaining state-of-the-art infrastructure and congenial learning environment.

➢Enhancing the competence of the faculty to a very high level and to make them adopt all modern and innovative methods in teaching-learning process.

➢Inculcating moral and ethical values among the students and staff.

➢Collaborating with industry, other institutions and organizations for mutual benefit.

➢ Ensuring continual improvement through Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC).

➢Creating academic ambience for acquiring knowledge and skills as collective social pursuit rather than isolated pedagogical process.

➢Making sustained efforts to instill a sense of responsibility to make the students more sensible and sensitive in civic life and to practice cherished values to create a better and humane society


As the YVNR Government Degree College, we have been rendering our services not only around Teaching-Learning but also in running co-curricular and extra-curricular areas. In addition to regular activities associated with teaching and learning, we have extended our service to the community needed. We have promoted different activities which support and strengthen the welfare of all stakeholders.

  • In view of creating awareness regarding women’s safety, a program was organized. The program organized has created awareness in the targeted section.
  • As the growing issues were creating intimidation among the women, the state Govt. of AP has started Disha Act. In view of making them User Friendly, a program has been organized regarding the laws. The program has unleashed the users to know about the laws only because of the events, the knowledge about the laws was disseminated among the people.
  • As the UNO declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day, we celebrate the same day in our college. This program is celebrated in view of making the students aware of Yoga’s importance. As Yoga is the treasure house of solutions, the program is given utmost importance.
  • Our college has the facility of JKC. This is really an opportunity for the students. Because of the JKC, some students can get employed during their learning. As a part of the JKC Training, students are trained in English communication, Aptitude, and Computer Training. These topics are essential helpers even they get selected for jobs.
  • To celebrate the events that glorify our culture, we celebrate Rangoli events on every Sankranti. Besides the event of Rangoli, we have celebrated the program food exhibition.
  • The vote is the real essence of any democracy. Only by means of a vote, the beauty of Democracy is cemented and achieved. In view of supporting the same and creating awareness among the students, we have organized ‘National voters Day’.
  • Regarding woman protection, we have organized an awareness program on ‘Disha Act’ on account of the celebration, a good number of participants have got awareness.

In view of supporting and promoting gender equality, we have organized various activities.