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The NSS Cell of the college has conducted many social activities for the well being of the community and the students as well.

 The activities of the NSS Cell are:

  • Blood Donation Camp: 25 Members donated blood in the camp including Sri. DulamNageswara Rao garuhonourable MLA,Kaikaluru.
  • Medical Awareness Program: Several medical awareness programs were held in the college with the help of Sri. Mohan Naidu, Medical Superindent,Kaikaluru.
  • Plantation Program: Plantation program was conducted in the college premises. Local SI, CI, MRO and MPDO participated in theprogram.
  • Free book distribution: The NSS cell has organized free book distribution program with the help of a donor Sri. P. VenkataRamanagaru. The books were of worth Rs. 1,15,000. Every student was given 6 note books in the program.
  • Personality Development Program: A personality development program was held by the NSS Cell with the collaboration of Sri. Durga Rao, Jail Superindent,Kaikaluru.
  • Food Distribution: 400 packets of food in 15 days during the COVID-19 crisis to the needy with the help of donors and our college NSSVolunteers.
  • Covid Awareness Program: Covid awareness program was held in the college with the help of Sri. Mohan Naidu, Medical Superindent, Kaikaluru.


COVID Awareness program organised with Medical officer cHC KAIKALUR IN GDC KAIKALUR