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Faculty Profile:

Name: Dr. G. Divya

Designation: Lecturer (Regular)

Qualification: MA., AP.SET., Ph. D

Email ID : aramatidivya@gmail.com

About: Dr. G. Divya works as an Asst. Professor of English at Y.V.N.R. Govt. Degree College, Kaikaluru, Krishna District. She has obtained her Master’s Degree in English and Comparative Literature from the University College, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur and stood as the second topper of the University. She also obtained Doctoral Degree from the Dept. of English, Sri Padmavathi Women’s University, Tirupati.She has more than seven in years of teaching experience at various schools and colleges across Andhra Pradesh. She presented papers in national /international seminars.

Faculty Profile 2:


Designation: Lecturer ( on contract basis )

Qualification: MA., M.Phil.

Email ID : sarithadevarapalli9@gmail.com, kruteacher324@kru.ac.in

About: Smt D.SARITHA working as a Lecturer in English at Y.V.N.R. Govt. Degree College, Kaikaluru, Krishna District. She has obtained her Master’s Degree in English Language  and Literature from  Sri PadmavathiMahilaViswavidyalayam, Tirupati . She also obtained M.Phil  in English Language  and British Literature from the Dept. of English, Sri PadmavathiMahilaViswavidyalayam, Tirupati. She has more than fourteen years of teaching experience at various Govt. Degree colleges across Andhra Pradesh.

Faculty Achievements :

Name of the faculty: Dr. G. Divya


1.Attended a National Seminar from 16.02.2018 to 17.02.2018 and presented a paper at Andhra Loyala Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada.

  1. Published a research article entitled “Teaching Institutionalized Expressions through News Bulletins” in volume7 issue 3 of IJELLH.
  2. Attended a workshop on ELL Hands on Practice conducted by AP CCE,Vijayawada on 23.12.2019. 4.Attended a “Capacity building Workshop” conducted by AP CCE, Vijayawada from 12.03.2020 to 13.03.2020.

5.Awarded doctoral degree by Sri PadmavathiViswavidyalayam, Tirupathi for her thesis entitled, “News Bulletins in ELT: A Lexical Study” on 13.03.2020.

  1. Attended a one week FDP from 27.05.2020 to 65 31.05.2020 conducted by LENDI Institute of Technology, Vizianagaram on “Teaching English Online”.
  2. Attended a one week FDP conducted by Santhiram Engineering College, Nandyal from 02.06.20202 to 07.06.2020 on English Language Teaching.
  3. Attended an Orientation Program conducted by TLC Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 04.06.2020 to 01.07.2020
  4. Attended a one week FDP conducted by TLC, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 13.07.2020 to 19.07.2020 on “Emerging Trends of Pedagogy in Language”.
  5. Attended a one week FDP ON “E-Content Development” organized by Guru AngadDev TLC, University of Delhi from 27.07.2020 to 31.07.2020.
  6. Attended a five-day FDP on LMS conducted by APCCE, Vijayawada from 03.08.2020 to 07.08.2020. 12. Attended a five-day FDP ON English Pedagogy conducted by APCCE, Vijayawada from 31.08.2020 to 04.09.2020.

Name of the faculty: D.Saritha

  1. Participated in a Three day National Level online FDP “ Covid-19 as Global Crisis ” : Appliaction and Appreciation of Language and Literature from 12-05-20 to 14-05-20 Organized by Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology,Vijayawada.
  2. Participated in an International Webinar “ Problems and Permanent Solutions for Migrant Labours ” on 18-08-2020 , Organized by Dept of English , Govt First Grade College , Bagepalli , ChikkaballapurDist , Karnataka

3.Attended a National Seminar “ Using Songs and Music in the Language Class room ” organized by ELTAI ( English Language Teachers association of India , Chennai ) on 27.09.2020  .Faculty Achievements:

Department Core Activities:

➢ Besides teaching, the core activities of the department include conducting seminars, quizzes, group discussions, and assigning projects to students.

➢ The department conducts bridge course for the students who took admissions into B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc.

➢ It conducts study hours and remedial classes for slow learners.

➢ The department also organizes guest lecture, extension lectures and field trips to help the students involve into academics effectively.

➢ The department conducts meetings every now and then to fulfil the academic needs of the students.


Best Practice:

The Department conducts Spoken English classes for 2nd year students for the well being of the students and to enable them to meet communicational requirements in the present day global setting.

Department Gallery