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College life is one of the most memorable experiences of one’s life. It is totally different from school life. It is a mixture of happiness, enjoyment, hard work and struggle. However, its duration is short as compared to school life. At school, we spend half of the academic year while at college, we spend only three years.

The college life is quite important. It teaches you the tough skills of life; discipline, friendship, sincerity, dedication, struggles, experiences, joy and commitment. The college is sweet and wonderful indeed.

Life brings tears smiles

And memories

The tears dry smiles fade


The memories

Last forever


Alumni" is a generic term that describes all those who have spent time studying at a particular institution. It is a lifetime relationship with continued interest, interaction and involvement with one’s Alma mater. Alumni stand strong to prove the success of the college, its efforts. 

Alumni association of Y.V.N.R GDC KAIKALURU was started in the year 2017 it was started with a motive of bringing together all the Alumni and shares their memories within the college and experiences they faced outside the college and also extend their helping hands from all aspects for the budding graduates of the college. Y.V.N.R Alumni association

 This also helps in identifying potential among alumni who may, if willing, contribute useful service to the institute. The alumni association thus acts as a platform to share views and experience, on common interests. Organizes motivates and guides students for their academic improvement

Every year is welcome to Y.V.N.R Alumni’s group their presence in the association helps to promote personal relationship and thereby improving public relations 

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To bring together all the old students to share their experiences


to utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students.

To provide carrier guidance and employment opportunities

to promote the campus placements through the old students working in reputed industries

to get the valuable advices of the Alumni in the overall development of the college.

to arrange cultural and social welfare programs.

To maintain libraries, reading rooms, lecture halls, training centers etc. useful to the members of the Association.

To arrange teaching and training classes to the students studying in the college and also to the members to upgrade technical and general skills.